THE COOL BOX – 7 ice-shattering #thrillers from 7 #bestselling authors #ArtKNB #iartg

THE COOL BOX (7 ice-shattering thrillers by 7 best-selling authors

THE COOL BOX (7 ice-shattering thrillers by 7 best-selling authors

From the international bestselling authors of the Hot Box comes an entirely new boxset! Looking for diversity in your thrills and chills? Seven authors deliver seven uniquely different thrillers, ranging from historical, crime and sci fi action to the supernatural and paranormal:

Mike Wells – Lust, Money and Murder
Revenge, determination and love fuel this thoroughly enjoyable fast-paced thriller

Karen Perkins – Thores-Cross: A Yorkshire Ghost Story
A haunting paranormal thriller of isolation, superstition and persecution.

Andy Lucas – Underworld: Chimera
For centuries the Bermuda Triangle has cast a sinister shadow over the ocean. How do you fight something that nobody has ever seen, or survived?

David Leadbeater – Chosen
In the electrifying world of Chosen, humans must unite with supernatural creatures to save the world.

CR Hiatt – Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00
McSwain & Beck take on a group of narcissistic individuals with rapacious desire for wealth and possession over others, willing to use violent measures to achieve those aspirations.

John Paul Davis – The Bordeaux Connection
In Medieval England, the fate of the kingdom in times of need rested on the shoulders of twelve men – a secret brotherhood of knights, who answered only to the ruler of England. They were called The White Hart.
As they are now…

Steven Bannister – The Black Net
London DCI Allison St Clair has ‘special’ talents and is drawn to mysterious Cornwall as the Pagan Festival of Golowan begins. A series of inexplicable fires and ritualistic murders lead to a high-stakes confrontation on ancient St Michael’s Mount in this paranormal crime thriller.


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