Support the Troops

Recently, an individual on Facebook asked me if I was a military groupie.

First, my response was, what? A military groupie? Is there such a thing? I’ve heard of groupies for rock stars, or celebrities. So I know what a groupie is. But, I was dumbfounded. I asked why he presented me with that question. He said: “I know your father was in the Navy years ago, but your significant other is not in the military, and you have no relatives currently serving, so why do you post photos, videos, or links and pages representing their charities, and why do you use them as characters in your books and screenplays?”

I took that to mean: In other words, what was in it for me?

That Facebook friend didn’t mean anything negative by his comment, he was just curious and was open to my response. Here’s the gist of what I said…

I may not have a significant other or relative currently serving in the military, but I do have friends whose family members are currently on the front lines and in harms way. My thoughts are with them, every day. But, no matter what a person feels about the war, I believe we should show support for the troops, and their families, because of the sacrifices they make. But, we should do so in the manner that works for us.

Some may sit in the privacy of their home, and pray for those serving on our behalf.

Some may tie yellow ribbons around the trees in their yards, or hang them on their doors.

Some may light candles and quote verse after verse.

Some may hold a chain around their neck with a medallion of St. George, St. Martin of Tours, St. Ignatius of Loyola, or St. Micheal the Archangel, and send words of prayer.

Some may send packages.

Some may send cards and letters of support.

Some may send money to charities that help the troops.

Some may offer help to the family of a troop member during a holiday, or in a time of need.

Some may use Twitter and state in 140 characters how much they support the troops.

Some may spend time on Facebook posting photos and videos in support of the troops.

Some may write blogs and information from the front-lines where the troops are in jeopardy.

Some may write lyrical songs that relay what they feel.

Some may choose to write a screenplay or novel depicting the troops’ in action.

Some may rush to the airport to welcome the troops as they come home from abroad.

Some may hop onto their Harley and attend a rally.

Some may tour the country on a bike or their own legs to help raise funds.

Some may drive to Arlington to pay tribute to those that have died before.

It doesn’t matter how one chooses to support the troops. It only matters that we do.

Because of them…

A person is free to sit at their computer and write, as I am right now.

Another is free to drive to their choice of job – police officer, firefighter, engineer, waiter, laborer, construction worker, longshoreman, artist, actor, producer, director, fundraiser, lobbyist, fisherman, pilot, flight attendant, lawyer, secretary, filmmaker, etc.

Another is free to be a reporter with freedom of the press.

Another is free to demonstrate or protest.

Another is free to be a housewife and stay at home.

Another is free to be a teacher and educate.

Another is free to be the CEO of a huge company.

Another is free to be an oil tycoon.

Another is free to run for Congress.

Another is free to run for a Senate seat for the United States.

And another is free to run for President of the United States.

To me, it is that simple. So, if doing any one of the things above constitutes being a military groupie, then I guess I am.

I support the troops.

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