The ole teenage crush…


Girls, remember the boy you were crushin’ on for years, but you never let him know? He was inevitably popular in school, and had the attention of all the girls – especially the cheerleaders and “it” girls.

In Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00, one of the main characters, 18 year-old Sydney Marie McSwain, knows exactly what that’s like.

She has been pals with Cody Beck and Jaden White since, like, forever. They hang out every day. They have paintball wars. Ride their four-wheelers at the beach. Support Jaden at his hockey games. Cody is a wannabe filmmaker, so Sydney and Jaden are constantly used as his filming pigeons. The three of them have been life-long buds.

So you can imagine the challenge Sydney has to deal with when she realized she just might be crushin’ on her best pal, Cody. But, she knows she should keep those feelings inside. She has soooo many other things to deal with…

The murder of her mom.

A secret club whose members are branded with the tattoo of a devil.

Possible abductions.

And a criminal syndicate who call themselves, The Privileged Ones.

She can’t ruin a good friendship, right?

Besides, Cody always has a slew of girls hanging on his every word. They’re hot, always up on the latest fashions and makeup. She’s a tomboy, and would rather roll around in the mud in the paintball obstacle tournaments. How could she compete?

Well, she might have to when those feelings threaten to come to the surface. Especially, when she sees Cody all dressed up when they have to crash the Mardi Gras bash…

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