Lucky 7’s

Lucky 7′s

I’ve been tagged by Beth Lynne from So when an author is tagged for Lucky 7′s, they go to page 77 of their latest release or work-in-progress and count 7 lines down. Then they post the next 7 sentences from that point.

From the current release Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00 by CR HIATT:

You need connections to get info on unlisted numbers, or someone like Cody who relishes in invading people’s privacy, but it’s too early to get involved in computer hacking.

The last number was listed to a place called The Devil’s Door with no address listed. It sounded like the name of a nightclub, but what do I know? I picked up my cell phone and punched in the number. After two rings, a female picked up the phone, “The Devil’s Door”.

I said, “Who am I speaking with?”

There was an exasperated sigh on the other end. “My name is Tracy,” the female replied.

Tagging the following authors

MG Wells

Elise Stokes

Patricia Paris

Alexa Opal Hamilton

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4 comments on “Lucky 7’s
  1. MG WELLS says:

    “Wish I had a cell phone, but my grandparents are too cheap.”
    “This is really freaking me out,” Cleo says in a panic and hurries away.
    “Hey, where are you going?”
    “Wait up, Cleo! I promised Miss Roberts I’d take you home!”
    I catch up and grab her arm. “It’s too early to go home.”
    “Don’t tell me what to do, Jessica!” she shouts and pulls away.
    “God, why can’t you just relax?”

    MG Wells (2011-12-02). LightMasters: Number 13 (p. 77). MG Wells. Kindle Edition.

  2. Thanks for including me McSwain & Beck! These are always fun! Here are the seven lines from my WIP, LETTERS TO GABRIELLA, Book 2 in my Cedar Cove series, to be released the third week of April.

    Several minutes later Gabriella stirred. She rose up on her elbows so she could see the clock. She hated to be the one to bring their evening together to an end, but it was almost eleven. By the time Justin drove her home and returned to the cottage it would be pushing midnight.
    “You should probably take me home,” she said, “It’s getting late.”
    Justin was quiet a moment before drawing her back into his arms. “Stay with me tonight.” His hands trailed up and down her back, every sweep a caress that melted her resistance. “Stay.” He whispered the word against her lips, a seductive plea she had no desire to refuse.

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