Second day of heroic sleuth and spy duos…


I am not ashamed to admit that I have seen every James Bond flick. Most of them a dozen times. What can I say, I’m an action junkie. Everyone knows they’re not literature. They are two hours of guaranteed, mindless entertainment. Hot men. Gorgeous women. Cool gadgets and fast cars. And, non-stop explosions and chase scenes that take us through exotic locations, and keep us riveted to the screen.

Not only do I see the film in the theater when it is first released; I also purchase the title when it comes out on DVD (truthfully, I do that with all action flicks). It goes without saying; I am so looking forward to ‘Skyfall’ with the current 007, Daniel Craig. I’m interested to see how he switches over from the infamous “Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred” to a tall, cold glass of Heineken.

Just as the ‘shaken, not stirred’ quote became a calling card for James Bond; so too, was the fact that he always had a gorgeous woman hanging on his arm – sometimes, more than one. If I had one complaint about the Bond flicks, it was the way the female was so easily swayed by the charms of 007. Sometimes I would spout off at the female character, to at least play a little hard to get. Obviously, they didn’t take my advice.


But, that brings McSwain & Beck to today’s pick of heroic sleuth and spy duo. Finally, they came up with a ‘Bond Girl’ who was just as confident and bold as 007…

“My friends call me Jinx…”

Jinx was gorgeous. Hot in a bikini (stop salivating, guys), and she   could kick butt too!

JAMES BOND and JINX in action…

I think McSwain & Beck could give them both a run for their money.


Come back again to see who makes the heroic sleuth and spy duo in the next blog post…


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One comment on “Second day of heroic sleuth and spy duos…
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