Adrenaline Rush


Most of you know by now I’m an action junkie. In fact, a good majority of my reading and viewing material is centered around action. That’s not to say I don’t have some comedy, chick lit, drama and romance scattered in between. It’s just that I LOVE action. So, after getting in a little writing, and then catching up on my social media fun on Saturday evening, a few of my friends decided we should get out the popcorn and watch a good movie. Safehouse was the chosen flick for the night. Like the tagline on the front of the DVD says: “An Adrenaline Rush From Start To Finish”.

You really can’t go wrong, with Denzel Washington, portrayed as a rogue agent. I admit, he is one of my favorite actors. I can’t think of one movie I’ve seen with him in the starring role, where I didn’t enjoy the film. He puts everything into the character he is portraying. His performance in Training Day absolutely blew me away.

And to team him up with the incredible Ryan Reynolds, the young and naive CIA guy, hoping to land the position in Paris and finally get out of babysitting the Safehouse in question. Ryan really brought his A-game to this one, and the ending left a clear indication there might be a sequel. I’m on board with that, what about you?

C’mon, you know you want another chance to check out those abs.

Well, I for one, highly recommend the movie. It’s fast-paced with non-stop action, and yes, there’s chase scenes, bullets flying and of course, lots of blood. So you might want to add the DVD to your collection. Here’s the link to Amazon if you want to check it out.


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