Black Friday … #BlackMagic99

Woo hoo! Time for the Black Friday blitz!!! Starting on Black Friday and ending at midnight on Cyber Monday, several authors have cut their Kindle book prices to only 99cents. Wow! Talk about a deal, and all in one place. Simply click on the link and download these bestsellers and top-rated books.

Looking for romance … CHECK.

Need an exhilarating thriller … CHECK.

Thrive on action … CHECK.

Want to get lost in exciting young adult … CHECK.

Or, how about flipping through the pages of some dramatic TRUE STORIES?

Look no further. Just click on the link and download all of the books from nine incredible authors, for 99cents only on this BLACK FRIDAY event that continues all the way through CYBER MONDAY.

Don’t miss out on these awesome deals.

The offer ends at midnight on CYBER MONDAY.


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2 comments on “Black Friday … #BlackMagic99
  1. Dana Griffin says:

    Fine. Just frigging fine. Put Gone At Zero Hundred On Sale after I’ve bought it at FULL price. Shaking my fist at you. 🙂

    Good luck with this sale. I hope it generates thousands of regular sales at full price.

    By the way, I tried clicking on the link, but it doesn’t open a web page. Maybe it this hotel’s firewall, or I should reboot this old laptop.

  2. danagriffin says:

    P.S. I just noticed THE COVER-UP under your Goodreads block. Thanks. I appreciate that.

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