Get the sequel to GONE AT ZERO HUNDRED 00:00, the action-packed YA mytery-thriller, FIREWORKS ON THE 4TH

Fireworks on the 4th - medium


“Do you see who has the remote?” Cody yelled over the sounds.

I looked up and down the street, making sure to check the windows and doorways of restaurants and boutiques. “No, I can’t see anyone,” I responded. There was no doubt the Hummer was there to wreak havoc, or worse, cause an accident.

Then the Hummer maneuvered its way underneath the tail end of a convertible BMW – its female driver was talking on the cell phone, oblivious to anything else going on around her. It continued, until it was out in front of the Beamer, directly in front of its bumper and visible to the driver. Her eyes went wide. She dropped the cell phone and slammed on the brakes.


The Hummer did a wheelie on its back tires, as if taunting her. Pedestrians on the sidewalks stopped and stared.

I was just about to reach for my phone to punch in 911, when the toy Hummer sped up the road and jumped up over the curb on the opposite side of the street. It raced along the sidewalk adjacent to the restaurants and shops, darting in between the feet of the tourists. Cody and I both breathed a sigh of relief – at least there wouldn’t be any metal on metal collisions.

Seconds later, a construction worker excited through the door of Saul’s Diner, a new establishment currently being built. Before the door closed behind him, the toy Hummer sped right through it.

Cody darted a look toward me. “Wasn’t Saul’s Diner on that list?!”

Before we could act…KABOOM!


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