Bestelling YA Mystery-Thrillers on #SALE for #99CENTS


Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00 and Fireworks on the 4th, both Amazon bestsellers in YA mystery-thrillers, are on sale for 99cents starting April 26 and ending at midnight on April 28. Get your copies now; then get ready for the third book in the series, Lethal Hostages, coming soon!

“High-octane, action-packed and quick-witted romp through the perilous underworld. Written in a vein similar to early James Patterson (his good stuff) the chapters are short and make you want to gobble them down.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“CR Hiatt weaves a complex tale of intrigue and suspense that grabbed me right away and never let go, right up to the climactic end” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

An excerpt of Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00:

A HUGE storm threatened to hit the coast of New England forcing seventeen-year-old, Bradley Johnson, to brave the storm in search of food to feed his family. He begged for scraps from nearby restaurants and stood helpless with his hand out hoping locals would have pity.

For days, a man had been lurking in the background with Bradley in his sights.

He continued to watch him.

Stalk him.

He knew his daily routine, where he lived and all about his family. He had a mother at home who was ill, and a baby brother that needed diapers, food and clothing. The father was gone, leaving Bradley responsible for providing for the family. They lived in a one-bedroom apartment owned by the New York Housing Authority on the lower east side of Manhattan. Heat, water and electricity were luxuries they couldn’t afford.

The man devised a plan. He could grab him, just like the others. But he couldn’t take the chance the mother wouldn’t put in a missing-persons report. Instead, he offered him food, and promised to help his family. He knew he would accept. He was desperate. Unaware of the evil intentions, Bradley accepted the aid. Together, they went to a local market to purchase necessities; then carried them to his dismal home. When his family was fed and grateful to the angel who stepped into their lives, the man took the mother aside and made her an offer she didn’t refuse.

The following morning, Bradley was told he was going with the man to start a new life. As a private Cessna airplane with the name: The Blue Sky lifted off the tarmac at Long Island MacArthur Airport, Bradley was told he would never see his family again. With a signed document from the mother, airport security had no reason to question them.

There would be no missing report filed.

There wouldn’t be anyone out looking for Bradley.

There wasn’t anyone who cared.

Soon, he’d be long forgotten.

Now, he belonged to The Privileged Ones.


★★Amazon Bestseller in teen Mystery, Espionage, & Detectives★★

Excerpt of Fireworks on the 4th:

Two hours later, Cody and I knew exactly what Jake meant about getting dirty and the job not being glamorous. We were down on all fours, crawling through a secret tunnel that was normally used to smuggle illegal immigrants. Jake supplied us with extra equipment: gloves, boots, hard-hats with lights strapped around them so we could see, and rucksacks loaded up with gear.

Jake was in the lead position, with me and Cody crawling in tandem behind him, and trying to keep up.

Cody whispered, “When your dad said he knew some special operators in Mexico who were making sure we got in under the radar of authorities, I thought he meant we’d be doing something cool and exciting, like maybe jumping out of a helo.”

“He warned us it wasn’t glamorous,” I reminded him as I inched a little closer when I noticed something crawling on the ground beside me.

Cody clasped an arm around me, and smiled. “I’ll protect you.”

I elbowed him in the ribs.

Jake Logan whipped his head around, and glared at us. “Do you two know what the terms covert ops and under the radar means? Keep it down, will ya. We may be underground, but it’s not soundproof. You want to find yourselves in the hands of a cartel?”

I gulped. “Sorry,” I whispered.

We traveled about another hundred feet in silence, then we came to a dead end. At least that’s what it looked like, until Jake pulled a fake wall of grass and mud to the side. He motioned for us to go through.

When I caught the sight of rats, worms, and who knows what else, and the smell of sewage, my eyes bulged out of my sockets. I said, “No. No way. Not gonna happen.”

Jake cocked his head to the side. “You demanded to be included on this mission, Syd. You either go through there, or circle around and head back home.”

Cody gave me a reassuring squeeze. “Come on, Syd. We’ve handled far worse than this.”

I turned on Cody. “The only time I was this close to something that could slither up my leg, was when you and Jaden dropped the water snake down my shirt.”

Cody shrugged, sheepishly, when he noticed the hard look on Jake Logan’s face. “Dude, I was nine-years-old.” Then he returned his attention back to me, and glared. “And you’re forgetting the part where you snatched onto the snake, and tossed it back into the lake without giving it a second thought. So c’mon, Syd, suck it up and remember the end game.”

I scowled at him then looked at the rats and worms, again. Just the sight of them made me think they were crawling all over me, and the smell made me nauseous. But, if I didn’t go through, I wouldn’t get the chance to nab Aaron Grant.

firehouse image

CR HIATT writes screenplays and action, mystery thriller books for young adults, and romantic-suspense for adults. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time outdoors with family and friends, and playing with her Golden Retriever, Annabelle.



Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00 US     Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00 UK

Fireworks on the 4th US                   Fireworks on the 4th UK

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  1. danagriffin says:

    Cool excerpts that I remember so well. If I hadn’t already read the books, I’d be going to Amazon right now instead of writing this comment. I hope you do well with this sale. Good luck.

  2. On the TBR List, dearheart! Wishing you ALL the best, MG.

  3. (On our Anniversary Page) you will find your Tribute Halo.

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