Fantasy Novel Extravaganza 2/1 – 8…

Fantastic reads

Fantasy Novel Extravaganza!

On February 1st through February 8th, Fantastical Reads will have their first Facebook event, where they will have games and offer an array of prizes for book lovers.

Join the fun here:
Visit their blog for a chance to win the paperback of “Tolomay’s World and the Pool of Light” by M.E. Lorde and “The Hunt for Xanadu” by Elyse Salpeter via Goodreads Giveaway:

Fantastical Reads— Only The Best Reads And Reviews!

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2 comments on “Fantasy Novel Extravaganza 2/1 – 8…
  1. danagriffin says:

    Ah, hmmm. I stopped by this blog to see if I’d missed one since it’s been two, count them, two months since a new post. I’m thinking the owner of it has been taken by a LETHAL HOSTAGE. If you’re alive, post a new blog, or we’ll have to get the characters from novels you’ve read to come rescue you.

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