Thrilling climax to the JAMES BLAKE THRILLER SERIES (Book #3)


Launch day for the thrilling climax in the JAMES BLAKE THRILLER SERIES

James Blake and his family can only be safe if the truth about the conspiracy threatening their lives is brought into the full light of day. Follow James in this intriguing thriller as he returns to London and Italy to confront those seeking to destroy his family. As the mystery comes to a resounding climax, he discovers that dark secrets have survived down the centuries and are in the hands of those who threaten all those dear to him. FORGIVE NO MORE US Edition FORGIVE NO MORE UK Edition


(Book #1 TAKE NO MORE)

Four + 1 = Ten – No, my math isn’t fuzzy. Combine a great 4 star story full of exotic locations (that the author obviously knows intimately), fabulously drawn characters and an excellent and inventive plot, add an extra star for Seb Kirby’s style and that gives you ten on the readability scale.


A great read! – Couldn’t put this book down, it was so fascinating! Complex characters. Interesting seeing how the judicial system is different in England from here in the States.


seb-kirbySeb Kirby is the author of the James Blake Thriller series (TAKE NO MORE, REGRET NO MORE and, just released, FORGIVE NO MORE) and the Raymond Bridges sci fi thriller series (DOUBLE BIND).

He says: ‘I’ve been an avid reader from an early age – my grandfather ran a mobile lending library in Birmingham and when it closed my parents inherited many of the books. From the first moment I was hooked. Now, as a full-time writer myself, it’s my goal to add to the magic of the wonderful words and stories I discovered back then.’

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One comment on “Thrilling climax to the JAMES BLAKE THRILLER SERIES (Book #3)
  1. danagriffin says:

    I have no doubt this book will be as good as the first in the series, TAKE NO MORE. Which reminds me I have to get off my butt and read REGRET NO MORE so that I can read FORGIVE NO MORE.

    Congratulations Seb on getting the third in the series out there.

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