Available for PRE-ORDER: ‘FORBIDDEN.’ New romantic-suspense novel.. By D.G. Torrens


My friend and fellow author, Dawn Torrens, has another romantic suspense novel, FORBIDDEN, and it is available now for pre-orders:



Jessica Hamilton is 25-years-old and born into a strict, white, Christian family. One that does not believe in interracial relationships under any circumstances. She meets Ajay Sharma at work, an associate director for Lansdale and Down Communications. There is only one problem – he is a Hindu. Jessica and Ajay fall irrevocably and irreparably in love with one another. A perfect love they have to conceal from all those around them for fear of reprisal from their unforgiving families… families that are imprisoned by their own cultural constraints. They are both faced with unimaginable and unforeseeable obstacles that leads Jessica to a near fatal accident, one that changes their lives forever. Jessica has no memory of the events that led to her tragic accident or why she was alone at ridge point on that fateful night. Will Ajay find justice for Jessica? Will Jessica’s memory return and reveal the truth?


USA LINK: http://amzn.to/1TRuAbi
UK LINK: http://amzn.to/1UygZpX


D.G. Torrens is the author of 12 books including best selling Amelia’s Story and the sequel Amelia’s Destiny. This is a heart rendering true story that the author wrote for her daughter. D.G is a mother/writer/blogger who has a dream to inspire as many people as possible through her story. To show those with little hope that dreams can come true.

Born in England, passionate about writing, D.G. Torrens is married with a six-year-old daughter. Her first book, “Amelia’s Story” has inspired people all over the world.”Amelia’s Destiny” her second book is the sequel and completes her story.

D.G is a prolific writer and in 2013, her works were recognized by BBC Radio WM, where she gave a live interview on air in the BBC studios in Birmingham UK. Later that year DG gave a second live interview for BBC Radio WM.

A quote by D.G. Torrens: “If you close your eyes, you can be anywhere you wish to be.”D.G. Torrens lives by the motto, “The child first and foremost.”

All titles by D.G. Torrens:

The Poppy Fields (Book #1) Military/Romance
The Poppy Fields (Book #2) Military/Romance
The Poppy Fields (Book #3) Military/Romance
Tears of Endurance (Book #1) Romantic Drama
Whispers from Heaven (Book #2) Romantic Drama
Broken Wings (Contemporary Military/Romance)
A Soldier’s Fear. (Contemporary Military/Romance)
Amelia’s Story (Book #1) Autobiography
Amelia’s Destiny (Book #2) Autobiography
Military Boots (War Anthology)
Heart and Mind (Contemporary Poetry)

Author website: http://dawnsdaily.com
Author page: http://www.facebook.com/dgtorrens
Twitter @torrenstp

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